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New Site Launch

3 September, 2014 (20:38) | General | 11 comments

I realize the world of the internet is about constant change. What was new last month is old this month. So to share that we’ve been working on these changes for close to 4 years probably sounds ridiculous. But, while we were supporting the old site, we were already making new applications for the new […]

Buffalo thriving!

26 June, 2014 (14:29) | General | 2 comments

Just back from Buffalo I’ve not visited Buffalo for some time now and I’m a bit embarrassed that I wasn’t at all aware of all the changes taking place in that city. I know the Albright Knox and the Burchfield Museum are truly gems in the city, but I hadn’t taken stock this new Buffalo. […]

New Residents at the Golden Foundation Barn

2 June, 2014 (10:11) | General | 3 comments

Now that spring has finally arrived here in Upstate NY, we are excited to have our second group of artists joining us next to the Golden Factory. It is so exciting to have this creative energy right next door. I’ve just finished making a homemade version of a fume collector for our Residents working with […]

The Biggest Loser at Golden Artist Colors

12 March, 2013 (16:20) | General | 2 comments

Just this past January we again launched into the biggest loser weight contest here at Golden Artist Colors. A great time considering we just squeaked through the Holidays. The leader and inspiration for all of us behind this effort is Barbara Schindler, our President. Barbara publishes the weekly totals for the top weight losers of […]

Finding the Happy Medium

27 February, 2013 (12:17) | General | 3 comments

No….. I’m not talking about a new acrylic gel with exotic properties, I’m talking about finding the appropriate voice for writing about our Company. I received two comments this week that were on extreme opposites of their advice about our “Just Paint” Newsletter. One customer writes “Your ‘Just Paint’ newsletter on Color mixing is poor; […]

SAGG Show – Paintmakers Collection 1936-1968

2 May, 2012 (12:15) | From Home, General | 5 comments

It is amazing how this show feels both so new and so familiar. It is a reunion of sorts of paintings and sculptures gathered from family members to share a story about a period of time and of these artists connections to Bocour Artist Colors. But unlike a reunion, these paintings haven’t changed much at […]

Recollections by a Paintmaker’s Son – New Show at SAGG

27 April, 2012 (15:17) | General | 3 comments

The Golden family has assembled about 75 paintings and sculptures from a period of collecting by Sam Golden during his career and partnership at Bocour Artist Colors, from about 1936 – 1968. It will remain up at the gallery at the Golden Artist Colors facility (The SAGG) until the end of July. I had asked […]

Cleaning up our piece of the world

31 May, 2011 (08:51) | General | No comments

Last week, about 90 of our staff members volunteered a couple hours each, to clean up all of the roads within our small community of Columbus, NY. This is no small feat to clean up all 45 miles of road, but many hands made the work a success. We’ve been doing this annual clean up […]

Getting Cold up here

12 November, 2010 (12:51) | General | 5 comments

We’ve been well below freezing for quite a few weeks now up here and I’ve forgot to take in my waterborne glues and paints from the barn. The Golden Acrylics are all protected for at least 5 freeze thaw cycles, but eventually the regular thawing and freezing will coagulate the acrylic making it into a […]

Keeping the Williamsburg touch…

30 June, 2010 (14:17) | General | 3 comments

As I speak to more artists working with the Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors it is clear that many had been so connected to Carl and if not Carl, to Beverly,  his sister, but if not a personal connection, they are absolutely connected to Carl’s ideals of making a paint for painters.  Their greatest concern is […]

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