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Acrylic controversy raised again…

25 April, 2016 (09:53) | Plastic Arts | 24 comments

Several articles have appeared in popular magazines and picked up by blogs that once again raise the controversy that Plastics degrade, acrylics are a plastic, therefore acrylic paintings are going to degrade. I was reminded that in 1992 I wrote a letter to Charles Osgood who did one of his poems and a segment on […]

Varnishing Watercolors???

7 May, 2007 (08:09) | Plastic Arts | 31 comments

Over the last year we’ve received more and more requests from artists about putting our MSA varnish on top of their watercolor. The concept is simple; to be able to, in effect, seal the watercolor and to hold the pigment and binder in place with a much greater adhesive force onto the paper. Our MSA […]

Reply to recent article in the Times on Modern Materials

8 March, 2007 (13:11) | Plastic Arts | 3 comments

Letter to the Editor at the New York Times The recent article “Paints’ Mysteries Challenge Protectors of Modern Art”, by Randy Kennedy, 2/14/07 provided some very welcome recognition of the research into modern materials that has been ongoing for the last 10 years in earnest by several institutions, including The Getty (Los Angeles), The Tate […]

Special effect colors…what legacy will they leave?

26 January, 2007 (17:03) | Plastic Arts | 14 comments

Ever since our introduction of the Interference Colors, we have enjoyed a love affair with finding and creating new special effect colors and mediums. This has ranged from the phosphorescent colors to the large flaked micas. From all sorts of various n…

Are Universities ignoring reality in not teaching all media?

22 January, 2007 (10:02) | Plastic Arts | 7 comments

I have been consistently surprised, if that’s possible, each time I hear that a college is only teaching oil painting as its entire painting program. It is not surprising when I hear this is a tradition in China, as so much of the history of art…

The real dope on Unbleached Titanium

10 November, 2006 (14:51) | Plastic Arts | 6 comments

I was looking around the internet and saw several references to “Unbleached Titanium” and I thought I fill in at least some of the gaps.

Actually the name Unbleached Titanium was given to a product first produced by Bocour Artist Colors…

Color changes

13 October, 2006 (17:11) | Plastic Arts | No comments

I’ll admit it… I’m a color junkie. I love making new colors. Every time we investigate a new pigment, I’m trying to figure out how we can put it into the line. Unfortunately, reality sets in for a moment and no matter our po…

The Truth about Hues:

30 August, 2006 (14:02) | Plastic Arts | 17 comments

I just received a call from a teacher and artist who shared with me that students are being sent into the art stores to buy their colors for class and told that they can’t buy any hue colors. So they are passing by our historical colors, Sap Gree…

Symposium at The Tate in Modern Materials

19 May, 2006 (13:26) | Plastic Arts | 15 comments

Just finished up the last day of a three day symposium at the Tate called; Modern Paint Uncovered (MPU). What a wonderful collaboration between the conservation scientists, practicing conservators and a few other related fields, including curators, educators, material manufacturers. Tom Learner and all the folks at The Tate, put on an incredible event… thank […]

Acrylic Denial

25 January, 2006 (19:37) | Plastic Arts | 45 comments

Why are the Acrylic paintings in some of our most important museums labeled as Synthetic Polymer Paint? They don’t improperly label Oils or Watercolor or Gouache (which are just opaque water colors). I understand that in the past it was difficult to judge what particular paint system might have been used to create a work. […]