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Month: November, 2006

Preparing for winter

27 November, 2006 (09:51) | From Home | No comments

We’ve gotten off pretty easy so far this fall in Upstate NY. Just a few dustings of snow and a bit of frost on the car to scrape off in the morning. I can only hope that this beginning portends a mild and short winter. Not likely…

The real dope on Unbleached Titanium

10 November, 2006 (14:51) | Plastic Arts | 6 comments

I was looking around the internet and saw several references to “Unbleached Titanium” and I thought I fill in at least some of the gaps.

Actually the name Unbleached Titanium was given to a product first produced by Bocour Artist Colors…

Hot chili contest!

9 November, 2006 (17:26) | From Home | No comments

We just finished our annual chili cook-off at Golden Artists Colors yesterday and this year after 10 failed attempts, I finally won. It was a hard fought competition, with 9 other very capable entries, but fortunately I was able to prevail. I am conv…