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Month: October, 2006

Sharing art in Tokyo

29 October, 2006 (20:13) | General | No comments

I had the wonderful opportunity that previously had eluded me during my trips over the last 10 years in Japan. It was all due to the effort of the Turner Color Co. and Yumi Yomaguchi who describes herself as a “cheerleader” for the arts in Japan. She…

Touring Japan

22 October, 2006 (01:01) | From Home | No comments

The first week of our lecture tour in Japan is almost over. We’ve enjoyed lectures in Kyoto at Kyoto Seika University and Seian University; in Nagoya at Aichi Prefecture University and in Osaka at the Osaka University of Arts. I’ve been j…

Digital Taps

20 October, 2006 (01:01) | From Home | No comments

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were presenting a story of a recent burial in Arlington National Cemetery. Behind the reporter was the playing of “Taps”. What an incredibly haunting melody. This version was one of the sweetest ma…

Color changes

13 October, 2006 (17:11) | Plastic Arts | No comments

I’ll admit it… I’m a color junkie. I love making new colors. Every time we investigate a new pigment, I’m trying to figure out how we can put it into the line. Unfortunately, reality sets in for a moment and no matter our po…

Read the label?

9 October, 2006 (01:01) | From Home | 7 comments

Writing a label is a bit like writing Haiku; there are strict standards and requirements with very little space. The best label will have all the essential information and provide it in legible format in the appropriate language.

Unfortunately, b…

Is High Gloss Back?

4 October, 2006 (01:01) | General | No comments

I’ve seen over the past few years, a trend back towards an incredible almost mirror like gloss that artists have been incorporating into their work. For many years we have been directed by artists to create products that tended to move in the oth…