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Thrilled to the QoR

5 September, 2014 (20:45) | Paint Ideas | 8 comments

The launch of our new watercolor, QoR, has made it quite exciting back here at Golden Artist Colors. It would not have been very interesting to make another ‘me-to’ watercolor. There are enough traditional professional quality watercolors out there to meet almost every artist’s needs. With QoR we have made a product that will allow […]

3 Years with Williamsburg Handmade Oils

1 April, 2013 (09:06) | Paint Ideas | 3 comments

This May will be 3 years since we began making Carl’s Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors. What a beautiful addition they have made to this companies range of products. We have embraced the passion that drove the search for beautiful colors and we’ve been having a lot of fun bringing back or introducing over 18 new […]

Some Transparency About OPEN

1 August, 2008 (16:26) | Paint Ideas | 13 comments

I’ve always thought that it was critical for our company, our brand, our customers to make sure we provided up to date, accurate information on product or product issues. It is always possible that we might miss the target, but our commitment here, from all our staff, is to never disappoint because we’ve misrepresented our […]

Open questions

31 July, 2008 (12:02) | Paint Ideas | 8 comments

It is wonderfully energizing here the level of response we’ve received so far for the OPEN Acrylic.  A number of great questions and reports from the arts community.  I thought I’d take a few of these on here. “GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic dries matte…”  “GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic dries glossy…” – both correct.  I’m sure folks familiar […]

Early reviews in for OPEN ACRYLIC

30 July, 2008 (14:20) | Paint Ideas | 5 comments

Well the early reviews are in for OPEN ACRYLIC and it couldn’t be more exciting.  Artists are discovering both the ease of using this product as well as how very different this is from any other acrylic paint.   This product has also clearly demonstrated to all of us how important the traditional acrylics truly are.  […]

OPEN just about ready for its debut!

27 June, 2008 (16:12) | Paint Ideas | 16 comments

We are just on the verge of our introduction of the new GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic to our retailers in North America.  It should start arriving in stores by the first or second week in July.  I am so excited with the response to this new product… this paint truly feels like no other paint.  I believe OPEN […]

Picking a palette

21 March, 2008 (10:07) | Paint Ideas | 16 comments

When we first began developing a color palette in 1980, the choices seemed quite simple: Provide the basic color set for the acrylic paints making sure that families of pigments are covered in a very traditional way. This meant the three cadmium’s in red and yellow; the basic earth colors, umber’s and sienna’s; the phthalocyanine […]

Do I still need cadmium on my palette?

21 January, 2008 (10:17) | Paint Ideas | 26 comments

Can this pigment be replaced and should it be replaced? This topic continues to be on the minds of folks with passions running both ways. Amongst many artists this range of colors is irreplaceable. The opacity and brilliance of the Cadmium Yellows is not matched by any other pigment or combination of pigments. The Cadmium […]

Pre Just Paint Excitement!

8 August, 2007 (17:58) | Paint Ideas | 14 comments

Sorry for being such a negligent blogger, simply no excuse! I wanted to share that we’ve been working on the next Just Paint and I am so excited about this issue. I’m not going to give away the content now other than to suggest that it is providing some basic information that they just didn’t […]

Grounds reinventing the finished piece

29 January, 2007 (11:59) | Paint Ideas | 11 comments

We have received quite a few requests concerning the preparation of traditional and non-traditional grounds for many of our clients. The correct ground whether it is exposed or completely covered in dozens of layers, plays a critical role in the final o…

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