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Month: May, 2010

Update on the Golden Foundation Artist Residency

31 May, 2010 (12:52) | From Home | 3 comments

I am delighted that we are now in the construction phase of the Foundation Residency Building.  The demolition phases of cleaning all the junk out of the barn, pulling out rotted beams and flooring, dismantling parts of the hand laid foundation and stripping off the siding were completed this previous fall.  The new footers, straightening […]

How Green is Golden?

27 May, 2010 (12:50) | General | 10 comments

I need to share right at the beginning, that almost all of our acrylic components are made of compounds derived currently from non-renewable resources from either the oil or gas industry.  That is a given.  So to speak of ‘green’, for some might seem a bit contrived.  But as I’ve shared with colleagues here, as we determine our direction for […]

Golden Artist Colors purchases Williamsburg Handmade Oils

26 May, 2010 (17:02) | General | 9 comments

Yes it is true… Golden Artist Colors has purchased Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and is now producing these fine products.  It’s been just three days since the Williamsburg folks have moved over here and started making oil paint in the Golden Custom Lab.  We’ve moved over all the equipment, pigments, and the rest of the […]

Golden Employees now majority owners of GAC

18 May, 2010 (17:45) | Community | 1 comment

Just this past April, Golden Artist Colors employees became the majority owners of this Company.  It was a day that Barbara and I have been working towards ever since considering what an opportunity for all of us an employee owned company would mean back in 1999.  I must admit that it was both exhilarating for […]