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Golden Employees now majority owners of GAC

18 May, 2010 (17:45) | Community

Just this past April, Golden Artist Colors employees became the majority owners of this Company.  It was a day that Barbara and I have been working towards ever since considering what an opportunity for all of us an employee owned company would mean back in 1999.  I must admit that it was both exhilarating for us and our team here, but also filled with a sense of nostalgia and loss.  Thinking about my folks and how proud they would have been about the path of this Company, but also to know that this thing that we built was now truly a real part of everyone who has helped to build it with us.


This business has always been much more than just a business, and I can’t help feeling that it remains more than just a business.  First, we are in an amazingly beautiful and scenic portion of New York State, overlooking valleys and hills with pastures, plowed fields and expansive woods.  Every season provides a rolling change of color and textures to delight in.   In fact, Barbara and I were married over 35 years ago in a field next to my folks house that is now part of the Golden building and loading docks.   Thankfully, although the footprint of the factory is quite large now, we have retained and even enhanced the many acres of fields that surround the property.   Folks have built miles and miles of walking and riding trails around the property to enjoy with their families in the evenings and weekends.  I’ve always dreamed of a place of work, where people might come back to on their time off to enjoy!


I love being part of this business that allows me to work everyday with an incredibly passionate staff who continually push me and each other to new ways of seeing and playing.  I am so grateful that this journey will allow me to continue to be part of this creative world, uncovering new and exciting opportunities to be the tool makers for some of the most talented individuals in the world.

 For this and so much more, I thank all our customers, our community and our staff.




Comment from doreen wyatt
Time: July 19, 2010, 4:15 pm

I really enjoy y0our website, it is so informative. When I have a question on how to use your products you are just a phone call away. I have learned more from Mike and Mark than anyone else. With acrylics there is so much out there, that by calling and speaking to them, it has added so much more to my paintings. I attended a workshop by Golden but haven’t had any offered nearby and wish they werer offered in my area. I live in Canada near Windsor, Ont. When you did have a workshop, it was well attended by the artists in our association. You can find our website ( Thanks ever so much for your wonderful support. Doreen Wyatt, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada

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