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Buffalo thriving!

26 June, 2014 (14:29) | General

Just back from Buffalo

I’ve not visited Buffalo for some time now and I’m a bit embarrassed that I wasn’t at all aware of all the changes taking place in that city. I know the Albright Knox and the Burchfield Museum are truly gems in the city, but I hadn’t taken stock this new Buffalo. The place has just taken off! The arts and culture are thriving right next to the downtown stadiums. Once abandoned silos, sticking out like reminders of what was once the economic center of an Erie Canal city are being used as eclectic and provocative backdrops for all sorts of community art event.

The music scene is thriving around the city and just this past weekend was the annual Hallwalls “Artists and Models” Benefit, bringing together the arts community with a couple dozen performers and artists. This event was just one of 18 other arts related events happening just near downtown Buffalo. The river front is thriving and construction is happening throughout the city. The secret is that it is still a very affordable city for artists to live in and to own a home and studio. Lots to see and hear for all sorts of different tastes.

Also a great art store in the center of the city, Hyatt’s. Need to share again the value of supporting your local art store. The Hyatt family has been a significant supporter of the arts community for decades. It is a place for your supplies and for great advice, but even more than that it is a place that has given back in dozens of ways. If we don’t want these places going the way of our beloved independent book stores, then artists need to consider that if they don’t support these local stores, they’re just as much of the problem.

Tell me about your favorite store and we’ll share stories!




Comment from Blunt
Time: June 1, 2020, 6:40 pm

Buffalo, a city? Need a visit for sure

Comment from Stella Jones
Time: June 1, 2020, 7:38 pm

Can someone give me the location, please?

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