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Month: August, 2008

Golden on a four day work week experiment

19 August, 2008 (17:08) | From Home | 3 comments

Golden Artist Colors has just moved to a 4 day work week for the factory. Although this began as a request to deal with the incredible run up in gas prices, it has actually created more opportunities for a better life/work balance.. The shop is still open 5 days a week, but each department has […]

Golden Residency ground breaking!

14 August, 2008 (08:56) | From Home | 14 comments

It has been truly a wonderful summer here at Golden’s.  We’ve been busy with the launch of two incredibly creative and exciting product lines; our Digital Mixed Media Grounds and Top Coats and our new OPEN Acrylics.  What I’ve neglected to share is also some very exciting news from the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation […]

Some Transparency About OPEN

1 August, 2008 (16:26) | Paint Ideas | 13 comments

I’ve always thought that it was critical for our company, our brand, our customers to make sure we provided up to date, accurate information on product or product issues. It is always possible that we might miss the target, but our commitment here, from all our staff, is to never disappoint because we’ve misrepresented our […]