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New Residents arrive for 5 session at Golden Foundation Residency

8 September, 2014 (11:13) | Community

We are delighted to have our new Residents at the Residency Barn for our 5th session this season. Lori Russo, Eugenia Pardue and Marie Dolma Chophel. What a wonderful range of work these folks have produced. It will be a thrill to see what experimentation will be going on for the next 4 weeks.

The applications for the 2015 season for the Residency will be closing this Monday, September 15th. A huge thank you to Heidi Russell for her interview with my sister, Jo-Ann Golden, Golden Foundation Treasurer and artist Jane Fine and Erin Treacy both past alumni of the Golden Residency. Heidi’ show on the City World Radio Network @ or is on every Thursday evening at 8 pm. Heidi is the founder and producer of the show and leads the International Women Artists’ Salon.

We all look forward up here to Jane Fine’s one persons show at Colgate University this week.




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Time: June 1, 2020, 6:36 pm

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