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Month: June, 2010

Keeping the Williamsburg touch…

30 June, 2010 (14:17) | General | 3 comments

As I speak to more artists working with the Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors it is clear that many had been so connected to Carl and if not Carl, to Beverly,  his sister, but if not a personal connection, they are absolutely connected to Carl’s ideals of making a paint for painters.  Their greatest concern is […]

Paint day at Golden Artist Colors

28 June, 2010 (09:27) | Community, From Home | 2 comments

This past week we started the celebration of our 30th year in business by taking a day off of inventing, making, filling, packing and shipping paint and about 140 of us spent the day painting.  We invited fourteen of our Working Artists from all around North America to teach 12 different classes.  Staff were able […]

Golden 30 years old today

10 June, 2010 (00:06) | General | 6 comments

I think back to the day my folks, my wife and I sat at the attorney’s office in Norwich, NY to sign the incorporation papers to begin Golden Artist Colors.  My folks put in $2,500 and I had to borrow from them my $2,500 for my part of the investment. But that was just the […]

Author – Jackie Battenfield, “The Artist’s Guide” lecturing in Syracuse at Everson

4 June, 2010 (12:40) | General | No comments

Well over three years ago, I shared a conversation with Jackie Battenfield, a wonderful artist and long time friend, about her desire to write a book to share her experiences and expertise in how to build a career as an artist.  Jackie had been coaching artists for over 15 years at the very well respected […]