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Month: September, 2006

Art materials that self-destruct

29 September, 2006 (01:01) | General | 3 comments

Many of the issues we confront here at Golden Artist Colors relate to the permanency of the materials we produce. Continually trying to push the boundaries for how long and how well these materials will last.

We have had several requests during t…

The lids off – (or not)

20 September, 2006 (09:54) | Paint Ideas | 11 comments

I was graciously sent an email by some wonderful customers, to look at a thread on about our product. I am always delighted when our customers are so willing to share with us, to help us become a more responsible Company. It was a great t…

State of Art at the NY State Fair

7 September, 2006 (16:53) | Community | 1 comment

It was such a sorry state of affairs to visit this year’s art show at the New York State Fair. Some wonderful paintings and photography sitting in a series of rooms that were more suited for the strung out antique show of organs, pianos and other…

Blends versus pure pigment colors

5 September, 2006 (07:52) | General | No comments

For most of our short history of Golden Artists Colors, we had prided ourselves on having largely single pigment colors. When we began the only color mixtures were our Permanent Green Lt. and our Quinacridone Crimson (using all Quinacridone pigment). I…