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Sharing art in Tokyo

29 October, 2006 (20:13) | General

I had the wonderful opportunity that previously had eluded me during my trips over the last 10 years in Japan. It was all due to the effort of the Turner Color Co. and Yumi Yomaguchi who describes herself as a “cheerleader” for the arts in Japan. She had arranged through an organization she leads for our lecture by myself and South Carolina painter and printer, Phil Garrett. The organization is a loose group of performing artists, visual artists, writers, designers and architects called the ‘Citizens League for the Arts’ (CLA). The group is truly an amazing advocacy partner for Japanese artists and for the flourishing of creativity throughout Japan and abroad. Part of its mission is to allow artists to network with one another for mutual support.

After the event we gathered at a wonderful restaurant to eat, drink and talk. The only disappointing part of the evening was that 3 hours of sharing ideas and conversation went all too quickly and we closed the restaurant. I know this is why I love the work I do. To be in a place to be able to share and be part of world of these incredibly talented people. I look forward to the next trip, next lecture… but most of all the next bottle of sake we share together.




Comment from Anonymous
Time: October 30, 2006, 10:14 am

Thank you Mark for sharing so honestly and producing a great product with such integrity. I appreciate how much joy you get out of seeing artists flourish, and I love that you have shared your thoughts for the cyber community. I look forward to more of your blogs.


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