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Hot chili contest!

9 November, 2006 (17:26) | From Home

We just finished our annual chili cook-off at Golden Artists Colors yesterday and this year after 10 failed attempts, I finally won. It was a hard fought competition, with 9 other very capable entries, but fortunately I was able to prevail. I am convinced that my chili was always the best but it was a matter of time before the rest of the staff were able to recognize this. I believe it is a matter of culinary maturity.

I believe in music and art it is quite a similar thing as well. There are many times I’ve bought an Album, excuse me, CD and had to listen to it several times before I could truly appreciate it. I’ve also felt that way often in front of artwork that was difficult for me to comprehend or appreciate at first. If it was worth it, I needed to be able to give it time and to come back to it and really understand what about it was troubling or difficult. It is often that those pieces that were most troubling in the beginning have become my favorite works.

So I’ll get to wear the glorious chili king crown for this year. I have been apprised that there have been some voting irregularities in the chili event. It was unfortunate that the second place chili had its heat turned off before the end of the competition. And there was no truth to the rumor that the vegetarian chili, number 2, was made with a beef broth. Finally, it was only by mistake that I had two entries in the contest, they were actually the same chili, so it was obvious why my votes were tabulated together. To those of you who think this was just a case of boss chili, you would be incorrect. In fact, no one lost their job who didn’t vote for my entry.

I know your next requests will be for a formula, but unfortunately I won’t be able to accommodate. I would love to add more to this commentary, but I’m meeting with some staff members to whom I owe some special favors.




Comment from Anonymous
Time: November 9, 2006, 6:57 pm

You know, boyo, if I had been invited to enter this hot chili contest your socks would be toast.

My MD 357 chili will melt your tongue. In addition, I can adjust this killer chili to satisfy even the wimpiest Southern Tier meat and badatas-no-recongnizabily-green-veggies-thanks rank and file-r, because I yam one! Just call me Grunt Worker Gotts.

Hottest Regards,
Mark the Killer Chili Cook

Comment from Anonymous
Time: November 9, 2006, 6:58 pm


Comment from Marion BE
Time: November 12, 2006, 5:06 am

Does this mean we can expect to see a new range of Golden products on the market, in the culinary aisle?? You know, those celeb sauces with a smiling face on it…

I did wonder: do you cook like a scientist (measuring everything exactly and following a precise order of adding ingredients) or like an expressionist painter (throwing things in until it works)?

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