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Preparing for winter

27 November, 2006 (09:51) | From Home

We’ve gotten off pretty easy so far this fall in Upstate NY. Just a few dustings of snow and a bit of frost on the car to scrape off in the morning. I can only hope that this beginning portends a mild and short winter. Not likely…

This past week I managed to get out to my garage and to bring in those things that will not do well in the cold. Freezing temperatures creates havoc with waterbased materials such as glues, caulks and yes… acrylic paints. Most dispersion (emulsion type) artist paints are protected for several freeze thaw cycles, yet it is best to avoid freezing them in the first place. Paints that do poorly in a deep freeze will look like cottage cheese when they thaw out. This makes them pretty useless for anything. Thinning with water or constant stirring at this point is pretty futile.

This reminds me to suggest as well that after you’ve finished a painting session in your studio and are finished for the evening, don’t let your temperature in the studio drop below 50 degrees F. If you paint on the floor, you might have to keep the temperature even higher, as the floor is usually the coldest part of a room. Essentially you need to keep the paint above 49 degrees F, or you might not achieve adequate film formation or adhesion in the paint. This is the same problem for mural painters trying to get the last bit of painting done while the sun warms the surface. Once the temperature of your drying painting surface drops below the critical film formation temperature no more film formation will occur.

I know it can get quite expensive heating a studio and maintaining adequate ventilation, but keeping a source of fresh air in your studio is an important part of maintaining appropriate hygiene for you and your studio mates. Before it gets really cold, figure out where you’re going to get that fresh air. Taking a cigarette break outside is not what I mean. Stay warm…




Comment from Anonymous
Time: November 27, 2006, 9:08 pm

Hi, Dont worry that is the way it always other countries to visit ,Like Ecuador.Where I originally come from
Mark.I I love the products it was in my vissions.never Knew about it untill two weecks Ago.I whet ones to marroco in 1992 and I painted murals for a french artist ,and got paid in Pounds,how crazy ,I will paint at nigth,and surf in the days.not a good surfing I learn,always fallign.anyway to make the story short Marroco in Africa I bet it would be cool to make Murals with your products. or USA.I need to prepare a mural sample for a Hotel here but I have no enough money,for the materials.yeat,working on it.Im in Colombus the moment.winter is great .And it will be just fine.I promisse.
Love always ,

Comment from Anonymous
Time: December 14, 2006, 9:55 pm

Household gloss eh… I haven’t heard the term but I saw a good deal of high gloss finishes throughout the venues in Miami. Seemed like a great deal of high gloss two part epoxy finishes, some gloss alkyds, urethanes and products similar to our pouring mediums, gloss varnishes and our gels. Some amazing finishes and surfaces.

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