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SAGG Show – Paintmakers Collection 1936-1968

2 May, 2012 (12:15) | From Home, General

It is amazing how this show feels both so new and so familiar. It is a reunion of sorts of paintings and sculptures gathered from family members to share a story about a period of time and of these artists connections to Bocour Artist Colors. But unlike a reunion, these paintings haven’t changed much at all… no pot bellies or grey hair, but I would suggest that some of these works close to 80 years old have some added lines and wrinkles.

It has been wonderfully exciting to be able to honor these many artists, most who had not yet had their due recognition over time, even though many of them were considered important artists and contributors at the time. It is delightful to bring these works back to the light of public viewing, capturing a period of time as artists were assembled at the Art Students League or surviving on the WPA funds, the active group in Provincetown or Woodstock. But mostly the group of artists living and working around 15th street in Manhattan and the neighborhood around the Bocour Shop and Factory.

The show is also an acknowledgment of the responsibility of stewardship of these amazing works. The works all together, that at one time or another adorned our parents’ homes, provide a jog of memory of place and family. Just as we are stewards of these works, we are stewards of these memories. So personally, the show is a reminder that just as memories, we don’t truly own them, but their value is in sharing and passing them on.
Please visit the show up through July. Some amazing unrecognized talent that deserves another viewing!




Comment from randi chalfin
Time: June 22, 2012, 10:42 am

I am teaching for the second year at Maine College of Art about pumice and interfeence paints is it possible to get 20 color charts to give to the teachers. Hope Mark and Barbara you are well ,long time but still love your paint .The class is the week of July 7.
Thanks Randi Chalfin

Comment from Antonia Palmén
Time: February 27, 2013, 9:38 am

Hi, why no new blog posts in a while?

If you’re too busy to write, you could post your editorial/column from the latest Just Paint here – it was fabulous, entertaining and educative.

Which is essentially what I came here to write: that kind of curiosity and love of knowing things that makes one disappear down a hole filled with glorious historical, cultural and technical detail is something I identify with very strongly. It’s stuff like this, technical nitty-gritty and the fabulous e-mail responses I get from your support that makes me very happy to work with your products as a retailer, I love it when I can tell customers some nugget of/about the “Golden Enthusiasm”. In a world where more and more is about Marketing with capital M, it is so refreshing with a company that focuses on quality, giving good and honest advice, and curiosity and innovation – I don’t know if it makes them buy more (tough times for artists), but it brightens both their and my day.
So thank you. And especially for that column, which really re-enforced for me why Golden is our most important brand, even though we also have to deal with lots of “school grade” materials in our shop.

(Hmm, now here’s an idea for you:
why not use this blog to post selected stuff from Just Paint (perhaps edited for length as need be) now and again? The actual publication is of course fabulous, but I feel some of the material would reach a wider audience if available in dribs and drabs in a blog format (don’t forget RSS etc functionality). Of course, much of the material in Just Paint isn’t written by _you_, but having guests on blogs is quite common…
This blog is so easy to find from the front page, and you already have so much really really interesting and good material in Just Paint, just not in a dialogue or casual-surfing -friendly format.
Just thinking about the latest issue, Scott B’s presentation of those intriguing new products could be fodder for at least 3-4 blog posts.
And the stuff about the new Williamsburg Neutrals (yes, I know there’s a W blog); that reminded me that I should look up old issues for more articles about Munsell scales etc – why not re-publish older articles here from time to time?
And the piece about The Barn…
No, I must stop myself before I get carried away and offer to edit these texts for blog-publication in exchange for a few packages of experimental goodies ;-))

Comment from Mark
Time: February 27, 2013, 11:10 am

Dear Antonia, your comment left me feeling both embarrassed that I have not kept up with my part of the bargain, as well as delighted that you spent to time to share that what we do has value. My sincere gratitude for shaking up the trees or at least the cobwebs.
Warmest regards, Mark

Comment from Harry
Time: June 1, 2020, 7:15 pm

Hello Family

Comment from Terry
Time: June 1, 2020, 7:16 pm

“The show is also an acknowledgment of the responsibility of stewardship of these amazing works.” for real, an excellent work.

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