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Golden 30 years old today

10 June, 2010 (00:06) | General | 6 comments

I think back to the day my folks, my wife and I sat at the attorney’s office in Norwich, NY to sign the incorporation papers to begin Golden Artist Colors.  My folks put in $2,500 and I had to borrow from them my $2,500 for my part of the investment. But that was just the […]

Author – Jackie Battenfield, “The Artist’s Guide” lecturing in Syracuse at Everson

4 June, 2010 (12:40) | General | No comments

Well over three years ago, I shared a conversation with Jackie Battenfield, a wonderful artist and long time friend, about her desire to write a book to share her experiences and expertise in how to build a career as an artist.  Jackie had been coaching artists for over 15 years at the very well respected […]

How Green is Golden?

27 May, 2010 (12:50) | General | 10 comments

I need to share right at the beginning, that almost all of our acrylic components are made of compounds derived currently from non-renewable resources from either the oil or gas industry.  That is a given.  So to speak of ‘green’, for some might seem a bit contrived.  But as I’ve shared with colleagues here, as we determine our direction for […]

Golden Artist Colors purchases Williamsburg Handmade Oils

26 May, 2010 (17:02) | General | 9 comments

Yes it is true… Golden Artist Colors has purchased Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and is now producing these fine products.  It’s been just three days since the Williamsburg folks have moved over here and started making oil paint in the Golden Custom Lab.  We’ve moved over all the equipment, pigments, and the rest of the […]

Non-Toxic, Does it really exist!

30 April, 2009 (18:30) | General | 14 comments

We received some recent correspondence from a customer very concerned over our product warning information.  The customer suggested that they wouldn’t have chosen our products and or certain colors of ours because they could have purchased the same colors in another brand labeled as non-toxic.  The fact is, our products are no more dangerous than […]

Open Articles in JP#19

20 September, 2008 (11:36) | General | 7 comments

I am so delighted with all the assistance we’ve received in putting together our last issue of Just Paint #19.  It  features 4 different artists’ sharing their point of view in working with the new OPEN ACRYLIC.  It also has a wonderful article from our Technical Director, Jim Hayes who shares the developmental work required […]

Confusion with Experimentals

21 November, 2007 (09:07) | General | 6 comments

It seems that our Experimental line of products have both inspired some folks to investigate unique materials but also confused many others. Introducing the Experimental line of colors allowed us finally to create a path to deliver products that we’ve been investigating in our R&D labs. For years we had been showing products at various […]

New Look to Blog

5 November, 2007 (08:00) | General | 1 comment

I’ll be off to Japan soon to speak to a range of students, faculty, conservators and artists over the next few weeks. While this is an amazing and exciting trip for me, it also gives our team here a chance to fix some of the issues with my blog. So while that gets done, I […]

Grounds reinventing the finished piece

2 April, 2007 (12:24) | General | 12 comments

We have received quite a few requests concerning the preparation of traditional and non-traditional grounds for many of our clients. The correct ground whether it is exposed or completely covered in dozens of layers, plays a critical role in the final outcome of a work. Our efforts in developing new surfaces for artists to work […]

Shopping for the holidays

27 December, 2006 (17:52) | General | No comments

I went to one of my favorite small town local gift stores for some holiday shopping and again I am reminded how interesting and bizarre this season is. It is the sort of store where the owners want everyone watched and not particularly in a covert way….

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