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New Look to Blog

5 November, 2007 (08:00) | General

I’ll be off to Japan soon to speak to a range of students, faculty, conservators and artists over the next few weeks. While this is an amazing and exciting trip for me, it also gives our team here a chance to fix some of the issues with my blog. So while that gets done, I hope to be sharing much more about what we’ve been up to here at Golden and also share some of the issues and conversations that keep our work current and hopefully meaningful for all our communities. I look forward to your feedback and comments. Warmest regards, Mark




Comment from Ruth Graham
Time: November 18, 2007, 10:29 am

Read your “History”. Really great to read it. Thank you. With regard to blog page, well this is the first time I visited so I can’t comment except this one makes me wish I had it.

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