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Golden selected as one of Inc. Magazine’s “Winning Workplaces”

26 May, 2011 (12:15) | Community | 2 comments

It is absolutely a thrill to share the news of Golden Artist Colors receiving Inc. Magazine’s “Winning Workplaces” award with the many supporters of our business.  I believe this award is a wonderful measure of what has made this company successful, and hopefully remain successful into the future.  It has always been by the efforts of our team […]

Paint day at Golden Artist Colors

28 June, 2010 (09:27) | Community, From Home | 2 comments

This past week we started the celebration of our 30th year in business by taking a day off of inventing, making, filling, packing and shipping paint and about 140 of us spent the day painting.  We invited fourteen of our Working Artists from all around North America to teach 12 different classes.  Staff were able […]

Golden Employees now majority owners of GAC

18 May, 2010 (17:45) | Community | 1 comment

Just this past April, Golden Artist Colors employees became the majority owners of this Company.  It was a day that Barbara and I have been working towards ever since considering what an opportunity for all of us an employee owned company would mean back in 1999.  I must admit that it was both exhilarating for […]

What does “Made in America” mean to me

3 April, 2009 (18:10) | Community | 16 comments

In a recent response from a customer, they made a comment suggesting that our products were coming from China.  I don’t know where they got that idea, but it gave me pause to think that I have not been as diligent as I could be in informing, especially new customers to Golden Artist Colors, that all our […]

Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts Benefit a Huge Success

12 November, 2007 (15:56) | Community, From Home | 1 comment

We’re still glowing in the after effects from the wonderful benefit and silent auction for the Golden Foundation at the GOLDEN Gallery in Columbus, NY. So many artists contributed amazing works to the event. Our biggest concern was after receiving these amazing contributions from artists, would we be able to raise enough interest from folks […]

College Arts session this Friday on Grounds

13 February, 2007 (16:51) | Community | 4 comments

After several years of work together with staff of the College Arts Association, we have finally been able to put together a panel composed of manufacturers and exhibitors at the show. We’ve asked Mark Gottsegen to moderate a panel presentation a…

State of Art at the NY State Fair

7 September, 2006 (16:53) | Community | 1 comment

It was such a sorry state of affairs to visit this year’s art show at the New York State Fair. Some wonderful paintings and photography sitting in a series of rooms that were more suited for the strung out antique show of organs, pianos and other…

Special Conservation Issue of Just Paint

28 August, 2006 (18:56) | Community | 7 comments

The next issue of ‘Just Paint’ (#15) is about to hit your newsstands in Mid September. The issue is almost completely devoted to the topic of conservation of acrylic coatings and paintings. We were so delighted that Dr. Alison Murray of Queen’s University, Dr. Tom Learner of The Tate, Dr. Gregory Smith of Buffalo State […]

Have gas prices changed your art making?

15 August, 2006 (16:37) | Community | 18 comments

I know we’ve all taken it on the chin over these past two years with increases in gas prices affecting everyone and almost every purchase. In some cases fuel cost increases were very direct, but also considering the lack of supply, we were also facing shortages of materials. I know this had hit many of […]

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