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Acrylic controversy raised again…

25 April, 2016 (09:53) | Plastic Arts | 24 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Several articles have appeared in popular magazines and picked up by blogs that once again raise the controversy that Plastics degrade, acrylics are a plastic, therefore acrylic paintings are going to degrade. I was reminded that in 1992 I wrote a letter to Charles Osgood who did one of his poems and a segment on […]

Your Feedback

26 September, 2014 (10:48) | Community | 17 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Getting our customers feedback has made all the difference in the world to this Company. Sometimes, truly, it hurts. I was just looking back to comments on this blog from a customer who responded in 2007. They were so disappointed with the custom work we had done for them as many of the containers had […]

Richard Frumess – R&F Paints Celebrated

24 September, 2014 (16:36) | Community | 7 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Every fall Women’s Studio Workshop holds a Gala event celebrating a distinguished woman artist and an arts patron or supporter. This past weekend the artist recognized was the very well known and talented print maker, Zarina, and the arts patron, the equally well known and talented paint maker, and friend, Richard Frumess. What a wonderful […]

Friedel Dzubas show this Saturday

10 September, 2014 (10:06) | Community | 3 comments
Post by Mark Golden

This Saturday (9/13), we’ll be hosting an amazing show of large works by Friedel Dzubas. The paintings, all completed in Magna acrylics in the 70’s and 80’s, are as vibrant as when they were produced. These early acrylics developed by Sam and Leonard truly represent the beginning of this amazing era of painting. It could […]

New Residents arrive for 5 session at Golden Foundation Residency

8 September, 2014 (11:13) | Community | 4 comments
Post by Mark Golden

We are delighted to have our new Residents at the Residency Barn for our 5th session this season. Lori Russo, Eugenia Pardue and Marie Dolma Chophel. What a wonderful range of work these folks have produced. It will be a thrill to see what experimentation will be going on for the next 4 weeks. […]

Thrilled to the QoR

5 September, 2014 (20:45) | Paint Ideas | 8 comments
Post by Mark Golden

The launch of our new watercolor, QoR, has made it quite exciting back here at Golden Artist Colors. It would not have been very interesting to make another ‘me-to’ watercolor. There are enough traditional professional quality watercolors out there to meet almost every artist’s needs. With QoR we have made a product that will allow […]

New Site Launch

3 September, 2014 (20:38) | General | 11 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I realize the world of the internet is about constant change. What was new last month is old this month. So to share that we’ve been working on these changes for close to 4 years probably sounds ridiculous. But, while we were supporting the old site, we were already making new applications for the new […]

Buffalo thriving!

26 June, 2014 (14:29) | General | 2 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Just back from Buffalo I’ve not visited Buffalo for some time now and I’m a bit embarrassed that I wasn’t at all aware of all the changes taking place in that city. I know the Albright Knox and the Burchfield Museum are truly gems in the city, but I hadn’t taken stock this new Buffalo. […]

Art Stores making a difference

6 June, 2014 (10:11) | Community | 5 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to spend some time with Henry and Judd Meininger of Meininger’s of Denver fame (Colorado Springs & Boulder). I was sharing with this father and son team them that I was writing a blog about supporting your local art store. I thought I’d be able to find […]

New Residents at the Golden Foundation Barn

2 June, 2014 (10:11) | General | 3 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Now that spring has finally arrived here in Upstate NY, we are excited to have our second group of artists joining us next to the Golden Factory. It is so exciting to have this creative energy right next door. I’ve just finished making a homemade version of a fume collector for our Residents working with […]

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